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Welcome to San Diego's top dog training services! We're committed to the goal of keeping dogs happily in their homes by fostering harmony.

Raising your puppy is the foundation of how you will train your dog for the rest of its life. Our puppy training is designed with that in mind. We don't just teach your puppy how to sit and come. We teach you how to raise puppy so you get the dog you envision. 

You'll learn things like what motivates your puppy, how to deal with mouthing, teaching them how to drop and leave objects, what proper socialization should look like to prevent reactive behaviors in the future, how to teach calm, potty training, and more. 

At the end of each training, you will get a personalized hand written recap of our session together for your records. All of our training packages are customized to meet your needs.

Unsure which method suits your needs? We're here to help! Our expert trainers will objectively discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each approach, ensuring you make the best decision for you and your furry friend. Invest in a harmonious home today with our comprehensive training services.

What do we typically cover in puppy training?

Fluency Dog Training methodology

Name recognition

Hand feeding

Building markers

Recall (come)

Confidence building

Drop it/Leave it

Learned calm

All done (off switch)


Loose leash walking

What to do about biting

How to handle jumping

Introduction to crate

and answers to all your questions along the way.

Puppy Training Help

Which option is best for you?

In-Person *All sessions are approximately 1 hour in length

Single sessions

Initial in your home or at public park: $90 - follow up sessions: $85

Initial at our training yard: $80 - follow up sessions: $75

5 Pack Option - with the 5 pack you save 25% and have access to FDT club benefits such as boarding and priority registration on free events. 

In your home or At public park: $400

At our training yard: $350


Socialization Board & Train

Socialization is one of the largest misunderstood areas of raising a puppy. Unfortunately it is also critical in preventing reactivity, building confidence, and helping puppy to feel safe in the world. This is why we offer a special 3 days (two nights) puppy socialization board and train. Puppy will have safe 1:1 field trips a trainer to see as many things as we can safely encounter on our 300 item exposure list. $210


Online Puppy

We have a few online options for puppy!

1. Free online informational program - just log in to view

2. 35 minute online Q&A with a trainers for those few questions you wish you knew you were doing it right

3. Online training - meet once a week virtually for 5 weeks ~ 1 hr each

Brandy is so amazing. She is wonderful with training our 8 month well as training us humans. :) I have learned so much from her, that I can carry on with as my pup gets older. You can tell how much she loves animals. I would highly suggest Brandy to anyone. Thank you Brandy!!!
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Recommend by rescues, veterinarians, and groomers.

If our services don't meet your needs we are happy to refer you to a trainer in our trusted network.

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