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Separation Anxiety

You're stressed, frustrated, and feeling a bit helpless. Every time  you leave your dog alone you fear of getting noise complaints or worry you'll come home to a giant mess. Part of you even feels guilty for having thoughts of giving up on your furry best friend.  But, you've tried busy toys, crates, and nothing seems to help.

Welcome to your separation anxiety solution!

Separation anxiety for dogs is not a behavior problem. Your dog is having and emotional response, similar to a panic attack, every time you leave.

The best news, it is 100% treatable!


If you are ready to be able to leave your home knowing that your dog is safe, relaxed, and happy our separation anxiety program is made just for you.


Dog trainers use to think that the way to help an owner with separation anxiety was to teach the dog to be in a crate. This method is old, outdated, and ineffective. Your dog can still panic while being locked in a box. Then trainers thought, "maybe if we keep them busy with toys and treats." Again, it was ineffective, and expensive for you. So, what has modern research taught us. 

It's taught us we need to address the underlying emotions of the dog. We need to help the dog to self regulate their emotions. It also taught us that having a trainer present in your home, negatively affects outcomes.

Our separation anxiety program is currently half the price because separation anxiety is one of the most common reasons dogs are surrendered. We want to help your dog stay in it's happy home, so help shouldn't be out of reach. If you are ready to truly help your dog feel safe when left alone, we will help you every step of the way.

Treating separation anxiety does require a commitment from you, and can be an emotional process. But, separation anxiety is 100% treatable, and knowing you can safely and confidently leave your dog home will change both of your lives.

Man sitting a computer while dog lays on floor near by

How do you start helping your dog?

You request a Separation Anxiety Consultation. The consultation is a virtual meeting via Google Meetings, and will take approximately 1hour. This allows us to assess your current situation, explain your custom treatment plan, and answer your questions.

Should you decide to continue your journey with us, (there is no commit from an initial consultation) you will start training with your dog immediately. We do not waitlist people. You will receive 4 days a week. These trainings should take approximately 20 minutes. At the end of the week we will have a virtual reassessment. We continue this pattern for 3 weeks time. 

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