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Welcome to San Diego's top dog training services! We're committed to the goal of keeping dogs happily in their homes by fostering harmony.

Make your dream of having a well-behaved, joy-filled canine companion a reality with our proven training services. Dogs bring immense happiness, but they need guidance to thrive in our human world. Our positive, results-driven approach ensures a smooth journey to a well-behaved dog, making everyday life a breeze.

From new adoption to family pet, experience the joy of sharing adventures with your furry friend, knowing they're happy and well-behaved. 

Unsure which method suits your needs? We're here to help! Our expert trainers will objectively discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each approach, ensuring you make the best decision for you and your furry friend. Invest in a harmonious home today with our comprehensive training services.

Dog Training San Diego

In-Person Training *All sessions are approximately 1 hour

Single sessions

Initial in your home or at public park: $90 - follow up sessions: $85

Initial at our training yard: $80 - follow up sessions: $75

5 Pack Option - with the 5 pack you save 25% and have access to FDT club benefits such as boarding and priority registration on free events. 

In your home or At public park: $400

At our training yard: $350


Board & Train

A board and train like no other, we are committed to one on one care. Our board and train program is like no other. Having only one dog at a time allows us to dedicate a minimum of 30+ hours a week to training your dog. All dog packages end with a private 1-2 hour transfer of training go home lesson, written homework and reminders, as well as follow up support. Please visit our stay and train page for all our board & train options.


Online Training

We have a few online offerings for dogs!

1. A prerecorded self-paces program to each you all the fundamentals of training your dog at home.

2. Online Q&A to answer any training questions you may have

Which option is best for you?

A friend recommended Brandy when I was at my wit’s end trying to figure out what to do with our 2 year old pup’s reactive behavior (barked at guests, reactive to only certain dogs which made it hard because we never knew when it was coming).

We rescued Harry at 6 months and spent the first year so surprised how “easy” he was. Then at 18 months, his fear/anxiety started coming out in different ways. I went into full gear with watching training videos all night, signing up for every virtual dog training subscription and filling out every quiz online because the algorithm found it too easy to figure out how I was spending my time online :). Even with all this “knowledge,” I still felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I even left one in-person training class in tears because I felt how both Harry and I were frustrated and felt helpless.

We first did an in home consult with Brandy and right from the get go we knew she was the perfect choice. Before she arrived, she texted to let us know what to do once Harry started barking. From when she walked in, her calm and thoughtfully curious nature (she didn’t force her presence on Harry), calmed the room. She was more about learning what our standard day looked like so she could infuse real life techniques that could help us manage Harry’s fears and reactions to the fear.

We have also done a training at her facility with her dog so we could learn how to address Harry’s reactivity towards some dogs.

Brandy’s approach is more about understanding why dogs do certain things and helping owners learn how to best communicate to our dogs how we can keep them safe. There is so much dog training information out there (and sometimes very conflicting) that we can sometimes get in the mindset that we have to “fix” our dogs. Brandy helped us understand that pet/owner relationships are more about communication and trying to understand one another better. She is professional, genuinely loves dogs and helps put owners’ minds at ease and we highly recommend her!
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