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We help you create the lifestyle
you want with your dog!

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San Diego's Best Private Board & Train

  • Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Training

  • Family Friendly Environment

  • Reliability At Home & In Public

  • Private 1 Dog To 1 Trainer Ratio

  • Safe Transparency In Training

  • Customized For You & Your Dog

Harmony at home starts here.

At Fluency, we believe in a holistic approach to dog training that goes beyond just teaching commands. We focus on strengthening the bond between you and your dog, empowering you to minimize conflict, build trust, and ensure that both you and your dog feel good about your training journey.

Through our personalized training programs, we help you create the lifestyle you want with your dog by teaching your dog to trust you and look to you for guidance and direction. Our training system is designed to educate both ends of the leash to equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate every aspect of your life together.

Empowering Connection.

The key to a harmonious relationship with your dog starts with a mutual communication. That's why we're dedicated to ensuring that you understand your dog as much as you expect your dog to understand you. Your dog sees the world in a completely different way than you do. That's why trying to communicate with them using human methods can lead to confusion and even problematic behaviors.

With just a little bit of insight into dog behavior and psychology, you can begin to connect with your furry friend on their level. We guide you through a journey discovering your dogs true motivation and learning to communicate effectively. Specializing in avoiding common challenges owners face and laying the foundation for the relationship you've always wanted with your dog. 

3 Ways To Train

San Diego Board and Train

Private Training

Professional guidance and support on the best training for your specific situation. Private training makes your vision of a happy home a reality. Puppies to new adoptions we do it all!

Private Dog Training, San Diego

Board & Train

Are you short on time? Unsure of how to progress? Or simply looking for a safe alternative to chaos daycare while you are away? Our 1-on-1 board & train is made for you!

Online Dog Training

Online Services

Want to DIY but nervous you'll get it wrong. We help you to feel confident and give you the behind the scenes support you desired with pre-recorded programs or live support.

No matter the training you choose all of our options are individualized and customized to meet your goals.

We welcome all ages & breeds.

San Diego Dog Training 

Confidence in your choice.

Please take a look around, check out all our programs & pricing, and follow us on instagram or facebook. We offer a transparency in training promise, meaning we record all our training sessions if the owner is not present. Owners who allow us, get to see daily updates on their dog as we work together via our story posts. This is also an easy way to see what it will be like when you work with us!

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