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Board & Train


Why do people choose board & train?

  • Train faster - Your dog gets concentrated focus on specific skills. Similar to sending your kid to a surf camp over summer. 

  • Personal time - You don't have time (or maybe the knowledge) to train the dog from step one. But, if someone taught the dog how to do it, you'd be able to maintain it. Similar to sending a child to school.

  • Environmental change - It's difficult to change a behavior when it's rehearsed everyday. Board & train helps by removing your dog from that environment (for a short time) and teaching them a new mindset and skills. Then transferring them back into their original environment with a new mindset and skill level for you to maintain with support. Similar to boarding school.


In most cases we can estimate what board and train option is best for your situation via a phone call, but we require an in-person  consultation to ensure we are a good fit, and we are providing the best option for your dog. 

Puppy Socialization

3 days 2 nights

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Puppies develop much of their personalities within the first 16 weeks of life. It is critical in this period to safely expose puppy to various stimuli, enabling them to perceive the world neutrally. Overexcitement or fearfulness in puppies can lead to issues like reactivity later on.


During puppy socialization your puppy stays safe with a certified trainer while seeing and experiencing a variety of things on our 300 item socialization check list. 


At the end, you'll get a rundown of what they experienced, along with a written assessment of their progress. Plus, we'll give you some tips on what areas we think you might want to work on more in the future.


Restart & Refresh

2 weeks

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This has been our most common and popular program because it addresses more than just sit and stay! This program is designed to help your dog with their mental and emotional state. These owners have done some training in the past with their dog, but their dog struggles with things like demanding attention, has impulsive tendencies, or is lacking emotional regulation.

This is an excellent option for those owners looking to get their dog a real confidence boost while improving their dog's healthy, happy mindset both on and off leash.**

If your dog needs some mental/emotional work AND behavioral training we recommend our three week wellness retreat.


Immersion Training

7 days -

10 day vacation add on*

Image by Anna Dudkova

One week of training (30+ hrs), this program is designed to address a specific behavior training needs. Behaviors are thing you ask your dog to do, or not do, to make living with them safer and easier.


Examples of previous immersion client trainings: "all done" (off switch for calming down), emergency stop, long distance stay, walking with stroller, more responsive to basic on leash cues in public, proper greetings, and walking without pulling on leash.

While this program can be great for those shy/scared/nervous dogs we recommend our two week restart & refresh for those pups!


Wellness Retreat

3 weeks

Image by Travis Essinger

This program is designed for owners seeking the whole package of excellent obedience and a healthy, happy mindset both on and off leash.**


Here we focus on manners, mindset, and their emotional well-being. We get to the root of changing your dogs behavior, habits, and their perceptions. Things like: not responding reliably in public, minor reactivity, anxious energy, pulling on leash, lacking fundamental manners, or any combination of things.


If your dog has a few quirks that are limiting you from enjoying the lifestyle you imagined when you got a dog, then this program is for you!


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Board & Train Consultation Contact

You will hear from us in the next 48 hours!

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Board & Train FAQ

All board & train options are private (1 dog to 1 trainer ratio) this allows us to spend a minimum of 30+ hours a week with your dog. Consultation appointments are required to ensure board and train is appropriate for your dog. Board and trains include a 1-2 hour private transfer of training upon pick up, written feedback and reminders, and a week of follow up support for success at home.

Why do packages vary? How do I know what is right for my dog?

There is a difference between teaching a new behavior and teaching an alternative behavior or mindset. With a puppy for example, everything is new and fresh and easily malleable. An adult, or adolescent dog on the other hand, has rehearsed unwanted behaviors. It takes any where from 400-6,000 repetitions (depending on methodology) to teach a dog a reliable new behavior pathway. If your dog already has an established behavior, we cannot simply unlearn the behavior. Instead we now need to retrain an alternative behavior beyond the level of the already established one.   

Do you use prong and slip collars?

We use whatever training methodology you would like to use with your dog. We believe that dogs can be taught with a R+ (positive only) training style, but we also understand that some owners and dogs need a different method. We are happy to discuss all benefits and drawbacks of the various training styles we do over a free phone consultation. Our goal is to help you have the relationship you want to have with your dog in order to keep your dog safe and happy in their home. 

Where will my dog stay?

Your dog will stay as a member of our family (as appropriate). In the evenings they will stay in our state of the art kennel room for quiet safe decompression time after a busy day of learning. This room is 15 feet away from our master bedroom, and has 24/7 live camera straight to my cell phone (with motion activation). Vaulted ceilings, closed cell insulated (keeps bugs out), and it's own heating & air conditioning. It is also my main office durning working hours. Your dog will have supervised access to our fully fenced half acre during the day for extra enrichment or play as needed.

Will my dog live in a crate the entire time?

No, our board and train offers 2 - 6ft by 6ft iron kennels. Our kennels are also modular, so if your dog doesn't have a roommate for their stay they may have a 6ft by 12ft. Dogs do not have free access to outdoors. Every dog is taken outside individually, and they will be supervised while in the fully fenced half acre yard. If your dog loves their crate there is room in the kennel for them to have it!

Is board & train really a 1:1 ratio?

Yes, we value quality over quantity. We only schedule one board and train at a time. We do offer boarding to our clients only, so their may be 1 other dog during their stay, but your dog will be the only one training. This ensures that your dog is experiencing lifestyle training from sun up to sun down. *Vacation add on, we offer boarding for our clients only. You can add $70 a day boarding to any of our board and train options. Availability is limited based on space available.

Can my dog have items from home?

Absolutely, you may pack your dog anything you think they may want (as long as it's safe). We do provide padded or elevated dog beds, bowls, and enrichment.

Can I make payments?

Yes, you may make payments prior to their stay. We require every stay to be paid in full upfront. Should there ever be an emergency, your funds will go direct to your dogs care. We accept cash, check, or credit card. You can also make payments through our website. 

Can I see where my dog will stay? Can I visit?

Yes, and yes. We believe in being 100% transparent about our training. We record our training sessions, so we have no problem with you coming to check things out. We do ask that you let us know when you will be coming to ensure we can safely move dogs around, and that you remember your visit may take away from training time. 

Will I get updates about my dog?

Yes, if you would like we often document our training on instagram/facebook in our stories. But, if you are more private we are happy to send you text videos, pictures, and updates. Any private matters, bathroom concerns, meditations, etc, we always text. We do not believe in lying to clients about how their dog is doing, so if your dog is struggling we will let you know. We will also let you know what we are doing to make it better!

Can my dog do more than 3 weeks?

Yes, We offer up to 6 months of training. The price will vary based on your dogs training needs. Long stay training typically involves advanced obedience, raising puppy/adolescence, or other specialties. Contact for a quote. We do accept reactivity but do not accept cases of human/dog aggression at this time. If you are unsure if your dog is truly aggressive please contact us for a consultation.  


Do all board & train dogs get ecollar training?

No, absolutely not! You pick the training options and equipment that is right for your dog and lifestyle. All board and trains require a consultation prior to scheduling, during that consultations we discuss if you and your dog qualify for an ecollar training program. Using any equipment in training that you do not intend on using at home is not helpful to the training process. If you are looking for ecollar training, "off leash" training, you will have additional instruction and cost discussed at your consultation.


Additional information regarding off leash ecollar training

We exclusively use Martin Systems Technology or E-collar Technology. The cost of the ecollar is not included in your board & train package. After your transfer of training pick up appointment please plan for 2 additional private training sessions, to ensure safe and proper usage. You may also have homework with the ecollar remote while your dog is staying with us to create a smooth transition upon returning home! **Off leash training is an optional service for those wanting electric collar training. The ecollar is only offered through our restart & refresh or wellness retreat options. 

Australian Shepherd

Can't recommend Brandy and Fluency Dog Training enough. She did board and train with our 2.5 year old Aussie and it couldn't have gone better. We chose 3 "problem" areas we wanted to focus on durning the 5 days my dog was in her care and she truly couldn't have done a better job. It was great knowing my dog was in great hands who treated her like their own. I was in between a lot of training places but so happy with my decision for fluency!
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