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The Fundamentals Online Program

  • 21Days
  • 26Steps


Training any dog starts with creating a common language. How can you expect to have a good relationship with your dog if you can't understand each other. Most training "problems" that arise are the result of 3 things: miscommunication, lack of impulse control, or emotional overwhelm. I designed this program to start you off with building a solid method of communication and motivation. Each section walks you through a different aspect of a vital skill for having an easy lifestyle with your dog. You will learn: The Fluency Dog Training system How your mental state affects your dog training How to properly socialize your dog How to help your dog build confidence Why resilience matters How to increase engagement from your dog How to reward and not bribe your dog What is generalization How to help your dog generalize What and how to use proofing And additional skills: Hand-feeding, Using markers, Proofing your markers, Leave it, Drop it, Threshold training, Teaching calm, and helping your dog learn to self-regulate emotions But just because you are doing this program online, it doesn't mean you are alone! You will have email access to a trainer to answer all your questions along the way.

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